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WoodWick Xmas Hearthwick Mountain Trail

WoodWick Xmas Hearthwick Mountain Trail

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About The Fragrances

Evergreen — Fresh balsam branches embraced by fresh-cut herbs and a hint of patchouli.

Wood Smoke — The genuine scents of cedar and glowing embers create the nostalgic comfort of a crackling fire.

Frasier Fir — This fragrance truly captures the essence of fresh-cut fir on a crisp winter morning.

Experience the revolutionary new HearthWick flame today. The new HearthWick flame lets you experience the cosy comfort of a glowing fireplace anywhere in your home with its soothing crackle and long, dancing flame. So why the name HearthWick… HEAR – Hear the soothing sound of a crackling fire. HEART - Relive fond memories or create new ones in the glow of this new range. HEARTH – The hearth is long cherished as a symbol of warmth, love and special family moments. Using only a high quality soy wax blend and premium fragrance, each WoodWick Candle is carefully crafted by experienced candle makers passionate about creating the best candles possible.