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Heal and Rejuvenate Your Soul with WoodWick Candles & Home Fragrances

A sweet, soul-soothing fragrance can work like magic when you are stressed out or going through a hard time. And, burning scented candles is just perfect for such occasions. 

Gone were those days when candles were used as a source of light. The scented candles have changed the concept by adding some premium fragrances to the candles that spread out when the candle is lit up. Candles have evolved more than one way after starting the journey more than five thousand years ago. Along with colors and shapes, candles give us a new experience with their sweet fragrances.

What’s So Special about WoodWick Candle?

WoodWick Candle is a popular brand that originated in the USA. But, these premium scented candles are popular globally for their pure and natural fragrances that smell heavenly and give you a punch of freshness. WoodWick candles are carefully and expertly handcrafted by passionate and proficient candle makers. These candles are patented with a +Pluswick. They are basically made of organic wood that can create the soothing sound of a crackling fire and give off a natural fragrance.

WoodWick candles have the finest essential oils that give these candles the purest fragrances that you may have ever experienced. These candles will diffuse the fragrances over a wide area for a long time with up to 80 and 120 hours of burn time.  The burn time can vary with the size of the WoodWick Candle jar.

Woodwick Candles & Home Fragrances

Top Supplier of WoodWick Candle- Easy Access to Premium Fragrances

Candle Cottage is an Australian-owned Woodwick candle supplier that gives you access to a vast range of premium scented candles, diffusers and accessories from the US and local manufacturers. Along with Woodwick Candles, we also carry another brand, called Yankee Candles. We have the widest range of candles with a variety of fragrances. We serve our customers with passion, kindness and professional commitment while ensuring the best quality and the highest standards.

Their Woodwick candle selection includes-

Do you want to try scented candles by Woodwick Candle to set the perfect mood at home and dive into the sea of sweet natural fragrances? Call us or visit our website to learn more about the candles and find the perfect one for you.