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WoodWick Hearthwick Bakery Cupcake

WoodWick Hearthwick Bakery Cupcake

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Bakery Cupcake - A sweet treat of yellow cake topped with rich butter-cream icing. The beautiful elliptical shape and long crackling wick make the WoodWick HearthWick a stand out candle. Each colour layer contains a different fragrance and as it burns, each layer melts into the next, creating a unique aroma. WoodWick Candles feature a natural wooden wick that creates the soothing sound of a crackling fire as it burns. Using only a high quality soy wax blend and premium fragrance, each WoodWick Candle is carefully crafted by experienced candle makers passionate about creating the best candles possible. It comes with a classic wooden lid, measures 19x11.2x8cm and burns for up to 30 hours.