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WoodWick - Medium - Fresh Flowers
WoodWick - Medium - Fresh Flowers
WoodWick - Medium - Fresh Flowers

WoodWick - Medium - Fresh Flowers

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This ‘Fresh Flowers’ candle from the WoodWick Candle range is the perfect gift for a candle lover or addition to your own fragrance collection. Experience the soothing sound, premium fragrance and clean burn of unique WoodWick Candles. These beautiful candles feature a natural wooden wick that creates the soothing sound of a crackling fire as it burns. Using only a high-quality soy wax blend and premium fragrance, each WoodWick Candle is carefully crafted by experienced candle makers passionate about creating long-lasting and true-to-life scents. 

About this fragrance: Features the scents of blooming flowers, hints of sparkling Grapefruit, blondewoods.


  • Medium upto 60hrs fragrance life
  • Natural wooden wick that Crackles as it Burns™
  • Clean, contemporary design featuring an hourglass shape
  • High quality wooden lid to contain aroma when not in use
  • Patented Pluswick™ technology, designed to ensure a safe & consistent crackle experience

Made From: High quality soy wax blend that delivers a clean, consistent burn. 

Size: Medium - 12cm (h)